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Walking and Fitness

Fitness and exercise are key components of your mobility. Not only does regular exercise make it easier for you to walk to destinations and travel on transit, it also helps you maintain your body’s strength, flexibility, reflexes and coordination, which can lengthen the amount of time that you are able to drive safely.

City Parks and Recreation Departments

Most cities in San Mateo County offer health and exercise classes through their Parks and Recreation Departments. Some cities even have programs targeted specifically at older adults. For more information, contact your city’s Parks and Recreation Department.

San Mateo County Adult Schools

Several group exercise classes are available through the county’s five Adult Schools. Seniors can often take these courses for free or for a nominal fee. For more information and a current schedule of classes, contact:

Community Exercise and Fitness Classes (membership based)

The three YMCAs in San Mateo County offer a variety of fitness classes appropriate for older adults. The Peninsula Jewish Community Center (PJCC) offers a Stay Fit for Life program, which is designed specifically for sedentary older adults. Membership discounts are available for seniors at YMCAs and the PJCC.

For more information on membership and a current schedule of classes: